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Cash on Delivery System for any Shop or Restaurant

Sell Online. Start Home Delivery Service with a ready to use Online Order Booking website. You get a Self-ordering kiosk to display Your Shop's Product Catalog or Your Restaurant Menu on customer's phone browser. No Commission on Sales

No Funny Auto Translations! Sell in Your Language

Sell Online: Online Order Booking System in your Language
You enjoy complete control over the language of the messages, products and buttons in your Order Booking Display. And No Funny Auto Translation But accurately the Local Language that you want for your shop.

Online Order Booking System: 2-Step-Start

Upload your products
Customers visit orderT2.com/YOURNAME

That's All

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A Website for Shops and Restaurants to Start Online Order Booking

Customers Make Self-order from home or sitting in your Restaurant or Shop.

Just upload your products and Start Selling.

Free 1 Month Trial.

How Customer Makes Online Booking

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How can I upload products or restaurant menu for online booking and home delivery?

You click "Make Website" and log into your online business setup at .com. In main menu select "Products" as category. Click "Add product". Provide items name, price, images and total stock. That's it. Your online order booking system is ready. Whether it is a Food and Grocery home delivery service or you sell electronic gadgets online. Business Online made easy!

More details on Online Order Booking Setup procedure

How can my customers use online self-order kiosk?

We can do with your website and name. Or if a customer browse this website with /yourname, then your products, or restaurant menu, will be displayed. He chooses your products or menu items and make an order. You receive order booking email alert besides getting data in your business online dashboard at .com. You mark order ready and they will get order status alert on this website. Now you can make a home delivery or they can collect it from your shop or restaurant, it is up to your business modal.

How Can I Start a Home Delivery Service

Upload your products
Write the following at you shop or restaurant
Sell online. Paste this at your shop, restaurant and start your Home Delivery Service
This is all to start a home delivery service and online order booking.

Easiest Order Booking System for both, Customers and Store & Restaurant Owners

Customers can Track Order Status. While Business Owners have a full featured Dashboard

Free Data Entry and QR Coded Invoicing

It is a huge benefit of our sell online system. Whether it is the first step of client making an order booking or last step of you marking the order 'served', at all stages your data is automatized, accessible and invoices are QR code secure.

How can I set up online store and self-ordering kiosk

  • This website is a .com service and when you register here, same username and password you can use at . So for your dashboard you can directly log into or on this website click Make website and log into your account.
  • If it is first log in, or if you have not already subscribed, under My Products, under T2Codes and Subscribe to click Products Catalog widget. At this point you will have to log in again.
  • When subscribed, click Dashboard under T2-Codes. Then if you still have not mentioned your Business/Organisation Name and Address you cannot proceed further. So, first complete the necessary part of your profile, then add your products.
  • In the Dashboard page, you choose "Products" from Category menu. Go to Add Product. Add products to your shop's product catalog or restaurant menu by entering them one by one. You can also upload all of your products list at once if you have them in an Excel file. You can also add the images to your product. Just make sure your image name is only the SrNo of your product. You can also provide a link to the image.
After adding your products you can see your products inventory in the Stock page of your online store. As soon as you enter any product to your inventory it will be immediately available for online order booking.

Your self-order kiosk is ready not only for visitors on your place, but also to anyone on internet. If you want to ensure that only people with verified email order your products for home delivery, just check Email Verification in Profile, in front of Required Fields for booking.

How is this service is without commission?

Your this online store is without commission because we do not share your profit or a commission on each sale rather you pay us an annual subscription fees. It costs you $17.2/month and you can start paying after 1 Month trial, if you use OrderT2.com/yourname.

Ok. My customer makes an order online. After that?

When customer is makes an order on your store, near confirm order button they see your message about ‘How to Pay’ and ‘How Order will be delivered’. As soon as they confirm an order you will get it on your online store dashboard. Get ready the order and get it done.

When a customer confirms an online order, a QR code invoice of the booking is generated. Your company/staff may verify the code with our free mobile app for you. There is a QR Code scanner on your dashboard also. When QR Code is verified means you start working on the order. When order is ready, you mark it ready and your client gets the alert immediately on website that his order is ready to deliver!

Online Order Booking System

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